Peace of mind for Parents - a user experience like any other network for children!

Call Recording

  • Engine Mobile SIMs record all of your child's incoming & outgoing phone calls. Your child will have no way of bypassing the recordings, so there's no need to worry that you're missing something.

Text Recording

  • All of the text messages sent or received by your child's SIM are recorded & stored in your online account. The recordings include the time, date & the number the message was sent to or from.
Specific Word Alerts

  • Within your portal you can create a list of words that you wish to be alerted for if they are used in your child's texts. If your chosen words are detected, we send you a text message with an alert and a link to your account.

Home Numbers

  • As part of your monthly contract you are given 2 Home numbers. These Numbers allow your child to always be able to contact and be contacted by home, even when they've run out of credit.

  • Using advanced geolocation technology you can track the approximate location of your child's phone. Only you can access this information via your portal.

Time Controls

  • Our time controls enable you to block your child from being able to contact their friends between your chosen times. Usually after bedtime or during school lesson hours.
Data Controls

  • From within your account you have the power to remotely block internet access via mobile data.


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