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1How do I activate my SIM?

1. Order the correct size SIM for your child's phone & wait for delivery, 2-3 days.

2. When your SIM arrives, insert it correctly in your phone, and then turn the phone on.

3. Within a few minutes of the phone being on, with the SIM correctly inserted you will receive an email. The email will contain your account log in details and your SIMs telephone number. ( The SIM will also receive an SMS containing the number )

4. You will then need to log in to your account with the details on the email and change your password.

5. When you have changed your password, log back into your account and add your chosen amount of credit to your account.

6. You will now be ready to use your SIM!

2How do I enable Mobile Data on my phone?
Discover the step by step guide Here
3My number is withheld when I make a call. Can I change this?

This can be changed in your call settings on the phone itself, as this is not a feature or problem with our network.

You will need to find the phone settings on your mobile and then find either "caller id" or "display my phone number” and turn it on. This should now display your phone number on the device that you are calling.

4I purchased the Safe Plan, what will I get if I upgrade to the Safe Plan+?

If you upgrade your Safe Plan to Safe Plan+, you will receive unlimited access to the Geolocation part of our service.

Geolocation gives you the ability to track your child and their phone. They will not be able to avoid or disable this, so you will always be able to see where they are.

You can upgrade your plan to access this additional service by logging into your account, clicking on the Geolocation tab and clicking on upgrade.

5I'm not sure I know how to use the portal correctly.

If you're unsure about how your portal works, take a look at our Portal Guide

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us

6My SIM will only connect to one Network? I thought it was meant to connect to them all?

To get your SIM to roam, you will need to go into the settings on your phone, find phone settings and then find "Network Selection" and choose the automatic network selection button. This will now allow your phone to roam over the major networks.

If your SIM can only find one Network to connect to, it will be due to your area, as not all of the networks have full UK coverage, which is why you have the power to connect to them all, so that your child can always contact Home.

It will take 48-72 hours for all the Networks to learn that the SIM is in use, so it's not unusual to find that roaming activity increases after the first couple of days.

7What do I do if my SIM gets stolen or broken?

If your SIM is stolen, you will need to let us know as soon as possible, so that we can disable it, transfer your balance over to a new account and send you a new SIM. We charge £10 for SIM replacements.

If your SIM breaks, let us know and we will send you a SIM free of charge and ensure that the broken SIM is disabled.

8What should I do if I'm concerned about what the SIM has recorded?
If you find any of the calls, SMS or internet usage records concerning, there are various ways in which you can react. If you believe that your findings indicate that the phone user may be in danger of being abused, bullied, radicalised or harassed we advise that you report the suspected danger to the relevant authorities. We suggest that you report your suspicions to the Police, NSPCC or ChildLine.
9How can I terminate my contract?
To cancel your contract, you can do this by

Contacting us

We'll get back in touch very quickly to let you know what the earliest termination date will be.
10Why won't the buttons on my portal work?

If the buttons in your portal's data, settings or Geolocation tab won't work, you will need to ensure that your device's cookies are enabled.

If they are disabled, they will need to be enabled in order for your buttons to work.

11My caller id is being hidden

Your phone will have a setting to enable/disable caller ID. Check that it is set to enable caller id, as this setting sometimes changes when you switch SIM cards

12Something Doesn't Work

If there is an issue ( which could be something outside of our control - such as a network issue or a problem with a mobile carrier that you're connected to ), we'll update our system status page here:

To contact support please email:

13PDP Authentication Error

If you're trying to connect to mobile data and receive a "PDP Authentication Error", check:

  • There is sufficient credit on the account
  • The data APN in the phone is set to "globaldata"
14I would like to add a new SIM card to my account for another child.

If you have another child or vulnerable person you would like a SIM for, you can add a new SIM to your account Here

If you have anymore questions, please contact us. 0330 122 1180


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