Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Engine Mobile Platform

In this agreement, Us and We refer to:
Price Engines Ltd.
Pioneer House
Derby Road
DE73 7HL
Company Reg. No. 3922900

We use You and Customer to refer to yourself.

Our agreement is described in this document and encompasses the separate information that can be found on the registration page, the privacy policy, the cookie policy and the fair use policy. These documents are accessed from the preceding links, or can be obtained by contacting us at the address above, or by telephoning 0330 122 1180, or by email at hello@engine-mobile.co.uk. Our agreement presumes your acceptance of these documents and the charges as set out in the registration page and on this Website.

Outline of the Agreement
We will provide a private telecommunications service through the provision of a SIM card that allows access to the Engine Mobile Portal system and onwards to the PSTN ( Public Service Telephone Network ). This is a private and personal product that is not for commercial purposes and may not be resold under any circumstances.
Billing will be made in advance at the start of each monthly period from the authorised payment card. You are responsible for these costs even if the mobile device or password is lost, damaged or stolen.
For the Safe Plan & Safe Plan + products, You agree to a rolling monthly contract, and we will continue to charge the Monthly cost as agreed, plus any extra funds that You add to your account, each month until the agreement is concluded. If You're using the Safe Plan & wish to upgrade to the safe plan +, you can upgrade for FREE by emailing us at hello@engine-mobile.co.uk.
Should payment be outstanding We reserve the right to suspend services until payment is up to date.
We will provide a private portal for each Customer that allows access to each SIM card's activity and provides security controls for that SIM.
While We will always do our best, telecommunications involves many links between providers and We cannot guarantee that our service will not suffer the same disruptions and outages that affect any telecoms provider.
We promise to do our best to remedy any fault in our control as quickly as possible.
"Home" numbers:
Numbers provided for home contact may be UK National Geographic or UK-mainland 07 Mobile numbers. Calls to non-mainland mobile numbers issued by carriers in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man will be charged at the normal tariff rate.
The un-billed calls will apply to the numbers set in the Customer Portal at the point of Billing Month End. All calls to numbers that may have been set in the portal will be billed as per the normal rate.

To use our Geolocation technology (phone tracking), You provide your full consent for us to access your location data and display it within your portal, that only You, the account holder, will be able to see the location of your Engine Mobile SIM card and its handset. We will never allow any unauthorised parties to access these location data.

The Engine Mobile system is designed for parental or guardian control and protection of vulnerable persons. It must not be used for any other purpose and it is Your responsibility to secure your own data through the selection and protection of a good secure password. We recommend a random password of 15 characters or more that includes letters, numbers and punctuation. You should change this password regularly and use it only for your Engine Mobile Portal. It must not be disclosed to anyone. We will never ask you for this password either. If You believe there is any possibility that it has been compromised then You should change it immediately.
We cannot accept any responsibility for the security of information beyond our control. If there is any private information that you do not want to keep stored on the Portal, then it should be deleted securely, or downloaded for your own safekeeping.
Caller-ID from an Engine Mobile SIM can not be disabled. This is deliberate. If you want to make anonymous telephone calls, then you should use an alternative method! Users should be informed that their mobile phone cannot be used to make anonymous or prank calls. You can specify in the Portal whether or not the SIM should accept anonymous calls from elsewhere.
We shall accept that You have provided true and accurate contact information and payment information. We take this on trust but reserve the right to terminate this agreement should we believe this trust has been abused. See Cancellation or Termination below.

Cancellation or Termination
We reserve the right to cancel or terminate the Agreement at any time should we believe that the usage contravenes the rules set out in the fair use policy, privacy policy, or this policy. In this eventuality no refunds will be offered for previous use and any outstanding charges will be billed.
In the case of non-payment we reserve the right to instruct a third-party collection service which may incur additional costs. These will be added to the amount due.
You may cancel the agreement at the end of any complete monthly period by providing notification by email, or by telephone.

If you feel that we have not provided a service that you expected then you may force Termination at any point. No refunds for previous usage will be made. If you feel that we have made other changes that you feel make the service unsuitable for you, then you may force Termination also.
We take usage of the service to be acceptance that cancellation should not be invoked. If Services are not used for 2 months, then we reserve the right to terminate the agreement as set out above.

Rights and responsibilities
In the case of Cancellation or Termination as set out above we consider it your responsibility to pay for any services or calls or data provision used, plus any collection costs if necessary.
We will not be responsible for any loss, damage or harm from the use of our service beyond your statutory rights. We cannot be responsible for the loss, destruction, or damage of any information stored. Any sensitive information should be destroyed immediately by you as a precaution.
We can not be responsible for provision of services that are affected due to wars, terrorism, natural disasters or anything out of our control.

We reserve the right to make changes to the service or the Agreements and other documents. If We feel there is a change that materially changes our Agreement we'll email you, or post a notice in the Portal to let you know, with as much notice as possible. If you don't like the change then you may refer to Cancellation or Termination above.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution
If you feel you would like to complain about any aspect of the Service, the first port of call is our Customer Service team, available at hello@engine-mobile.co.uk or on 0330 122 1180. We believe you'll find us helpful and understanding.
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