Head Office:

Engine Mobile Ltd
Pioneer House, Stenson Road
DE73 7HL


Phone: 0330 122 1180
Police / Out of hours Contact SPoC: 07980273898  

Email: hello@parentshield.co.uk

Who Are We?

Engine Mobile Ltd has pioneered online services & new ways of connecting people using the latest technology for over 20 years. You may not have heard of us but we've supported many well-known brands for years.

The team at Engine Mobile Ltd started working on the ParentShield project in the middle of 2015 and have been busy ever since, developing new features to help protect young & vulnerable mobile phone users.

ParentShield is designed to allow Parents and carers of young or vulnerable people to safely provide a mobile phone, and have the ability to control and monitor its usage in ways that are otherwise impossible. Each account allows the holder to control the SIM card at Network level to monitor, control and alert about suspicious usage.