Special Requirements

At ParentShield we have a duty to protect all of our users.

That naturally includes the children and young people who use our SIM cards, but it also includes their parents, carers and the people they may communicate with over the phone. In cases where we are unable to verify identity at the point of purchase we will require further information in order to enable recording.

Because we provide a fully recorded mobile phone service, and that potentially impacts on the privacy that users have the right to expect, we also normally suspend this part of our service for users as they reach the age of 16. But we know that all cases are different and that’s what this form is for.

Under normal circumstances, if your child is 16 years+, you can still use our network and benefit from the advanced call blocking and time controls but have no access to the recording facilities.

Please complete the form opposite, Stating the reasons why this user’s communications need to be recorded.